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Our History


Physique was officially started in March of 2013, the company started off prior to that as Training with J. Kent. The vision for Physique came when I saw a need and hunger for motivation to get physically fit, remain fit, and to be healthy overall.  BUILD, GROW, DEVELOP! The inspirational motto that we still hold to today!  The company started with everyday clients striving to reach their fitness goals. From 1 on 1 sessions to group classes, BGD was intact and keeping the clients motivated to reach their fitness goals! 4 years later in 2017 the first athlete development session took place. The primary sport of focus was football. 1 on 1 personal development.  From there a passion to be around sports and to develop these athletes was ignited. In March of 2020 the gym was shut down due to COVID and our focused shifted to training just athletes while the fields were available for use. The athlete development sessions were steady until fields were no longer able to be used a few months later.  When fields were opened back the company primary focus was athlete development rather than fitness clients. In 2021 the company had yet to revamp our business plan, so some fitness aspects of the company remained intact although athletes were still the focus. In December of 2021 the company has decided to completely redo the business plan and to focus solely on athlete development with a new vision and mission focused on developing the complete athlete!                                                                                                         

Why Physique?


 We set ourselves away from the competition by developing the complete athlete to succeed beyond the game. Developing dynamic drills backed by the knowledge of the science behind the body functions while competing. By coaching with passion that is driven and backed by a love for the game, but most importantly for the athlete playing the game.   

   Developing the complete athlete to succeed beyond the game. Build.Grow.Develop.

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